Ualá es un neobanco digital argentino que ofrece productos transaccionales y de pagos a sus clientes a través de una aplicación móvil. Fue fundado en 2017 y en la actualidad cuenta con más de 2 millones de usuarios en Argentina, su valoración supera en la actualidad los USD 1 Bn. Pronus se encuentra acompañando a Ualá en su proceso de expansión al mercado colombiano, liderando la implementación y el diseño del sistema de administración de riesgos, procesos y proyecciones financieras, además del asesoramiento normativo para que Ualá se pueda convertir en una Compañía de Financiamiento regulada ante la SFC.

Integrity is a holding company offering various financial products and solutions, which seeks to consolidate itself as a relevant player in the Latin American market leveraging investment banking tools, technology, and the use of data for risk management and generation of funding efficiencies for business ecosystems.

Pronus, acting as Integrity’s investment banking arm, has supported Integrity throughout its conceptual design, structuring, and pre-operational implementation process. Also, Pronus is carrying out the technical filing for the constitution of a digital native financial corporation before the SFC. In addition, Pronus has provided support and advice for the closing of capital fundraising in the amount of USD $16M.

First regulated Digital Asset Manager launched in spanish-speaking Latinamerica for nano-investors with as little as 3 dollars. Pronus was structurer and Ualet’s PMO since the company’s inception. 

ADDI is a digital lender. This startup began operations in 2019 by providing consumer loans at points of payment giving Colombians the possibility to access credit for purchases in less than 5 minutes, and without having to sign documents or wait hours for their approval. Pronus assisted in the structuring of the financial projections, funding strategy, and risk management system of the company.

Coink is regulated digital wallet with a unique technology driven by gamification and financial education. Pronus supported Coink in the structuring and implementation as specialized company in electronic deposits and Payments.

Plaz is an e-commerce for fruits and vegetables. Pronus is Plaz’s structurer and lead investment bank for the company’s local and international expansion plan.

Alumni is a college market place connecting students and alumni in Colombian universities with job offers, financial products and special offers. Pronus is Alumni’s business model structurer and investment banker for local and regional expansion.

El Orange Coolture Fund es el primer Fondo de Capital Privado para proyectos de redesarrollo urbano de gran escala en Colombia. El Orange Coolture Fund se compone de dos fondos, el primero encargado de la compra y desarrollo de la tierra en San Felipe y el segundo, encargado de la operación de los activos fijos. Pronus, es la banca de inversión encargada de la estructuración financiera, gestión operativa y levantamiento de los recursos con inversionistas nacionales e internacionales.

IBNK es una entidad en proceso de constitución antes la SFC, enfocada en  ofrecer soluciones financieras apalancadas en la tecnología para Fintechs originadores de crédito no regulados y empresas.

Pronus actualmente está realizando el acompañamiento en el proceso de constitución y licenciamiento ante la SFC.

Mercado Pago has quickly positioned itself as a benchmark financial services company through a 100% virtual operation through its ecosystem and e-commerce platform. The entity has revolutionized the way of transferring money and providing credit to unbanked people, in addition to offering a mechanism that allows its users to make online payments quick, easy, and safely. Currently, the entity provides its services in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela with more than 11.5 million users. Pronus has been an advisor to Mercado Pago in structuring, constitution, and licensing as a regulated financing institution in Colombia.

BNP Paribas operates as a Financial Corporation in Colombia. Pronus worked hand-in-hand with BNP in structuring their local credit risk management system.

Visa Colombia Support Services (VCSS) is a regulated payment systems administrator. Pronus advised VCSS in the process of incorporation and licensing as well as in the implementation and launching of the regulated entity.

BVC is the Colombian stock exchange. Pronus acted as PMO for the merger process between the Colombian Stock Exchange and Deceval (the centralized securities depository- Depo Bank), with a combined value of COP1 Billion.

Crédito Fácil Codensa is the Colombian credit product with the largest number of credit cards issued in the country. Pronus is advising Scotiabank-Colpatria and Enel-Codensa in establishing Crédito Fácil as a regulated financing company.

Santander is one of the largest and most important banks in the world, the 4th largest in Europe, and the largest in Spain. It has a permanent presence in much of Europe, North America, Latin America, and more recently in Asia. Since it’s incorporation as a regulated credit institution in Colombia, Pronus has been an advisor to Santander.

Credifinanciera is a bank that seeks to generate value for its customers, employees, and shareholders through select and innovative products delivered through a personalized and distinctive service model. In 2019, Pronus provided advice to Credifinanciera in the merger-acquisition process of Banco Procredit. In this process, Pronus offered integral support to Credifinanciera beyond the technical and financial structuring of the merged entity.

Finsocial is the largest credit fintech in Colombia, founded in Barranquilla, with an important national presence in urban and rural areas. Finsocial offers financing solutions for teachers and pensioners through traditional and digital consumption and payroll deducted loans.

The company offers access to financial solutions to more than 20,000 clients and currently has a managed portfolio of close to COP500.000 billion. Pronus has structured various funding models for Finsocial via secured lending for USD125 MM and a securitization in the stock market for COP50.000 MM. Also, Pronus has supported Finsocial in structuring new credit products aimed at adapting and expanding its portfolio of financial solutions.

Caja Honor is the Armed Forces Severance Fund Manager with more than 300,000 affiliates, and assets exceeding COP 7 billion. Pronus has been a permanent advisor to CH in the design and implementation of its portfolio management strategies, and also in the complete structuring and implementation of a housing leasing scheme, one of its most important initiatives to promote homeownership.

Alacaja is a regulated digital wallet available to micro-businesses. Pronus advised Alacaja in its constitution and licensing process.

Sociedad Hotelera Tequendama (SHT) is a hospitality operator. Pronus supported SHT in the structuring of a private placement of their shares and is currently raising USD 10mm in secured debt.

Impacta is a private equity fund investing in sustainable early stage start-ups. Pronus has been a pro bono investment banking advisor to the Fund.