Camilo Zea has 25+ years of experience. During this time, he has held leading roles in financial institutions and in the Colombian government. Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of PRONUS. 

Camilo holds a BA and MS in Economics, both from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, and a Masters degree in Public Administration and International Development from Harvard University. He is currently a board member at ISA and ISA-Bolivia, BNP Paribas Securities Services, Finsocial, UALET and Universidad EAN. He has also been an Intructor at Universidad de los Andes since 1997, currently teaching Fintech.

Carolina Sanz is Founder and CFO at Pronus, and a Co-Founder of Pronus, with 15+ years of experience. Prior to this role, Carolina served for 8 years as a CFO at companies in several sectors. Carolina holds a degree in Psychology from Universidad Javeriana, Colombia, and a graduate degree in Marketing and Administration (CSS) from Harvard University. 

José Manuel Echandía has 15+ years of experience. He joined Pronus in 2016 and is currently COO. Previously, he served as the Director of Financial Risks at Fiduciaria de Occidente, where he was responsible for fiduciary structuring, risk assessment, and credit allocations for structured debt vehicles, bond issuances, private equity funds, and structured investment trust models. He also worked at the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, on risk issues, asset valuation, and investment and private equity funds. Jose Manuel holds a BA and MS in Economics from Universidad Javeriana, Colombia.

Juan Carlos Betancourt holds a (Cum Laude) degree in Economics and a (Magna Cum Laude) degree  in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia. He joined Pronus as an Analyst in 2019, and is currently Structuring Director. He has experience in structuring and designing digital financial solutions, as well as the expansion of fintech businesses and their migration to the regulated financial sector. In structured financing, Juan Carlos has participated in secured lending and securitization transactions, which is the central subject-matter of his degree work.

Marino Andrés Ramírez, an economist from Universidad de la Salle, joined Pronus in 2021 as the company’s Chief Risk Officer.  He served as director Market Risks  at Alianza Fiduciaria, where he structured the Financial Risks area, creating and implementing the Market, Liquidity and Credit Risk models.  Later on, he led the Risk Area in Acción Fiduciaria in the position of Head of Risks.  Marino Andrés has more than 20 years of work experience, where his managerial positions in financial, administrative and commercial entities in the real sector stand out.

Juan Camilo Vargas holds degrees in Economics and Business Administration from Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. He joined Pronus in 2019, and has experience in financial modeling and structuring of entities in the financial sector and the real sector. Juan Camilo has participated in various processes for the incorporation of financial entities and raising capital for fintechs.

Fabián Ortiz holds degrees in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia. He joined Pronus as an Analyst in 2021, and has experience in asset transactions under secondary market and money market investment strategies, as well as in the implementation of quantitative tools for making investment decisions in pension and severance funds in Colombia. 

María Alejandra Osorio, studied economics in Los Andes University and has a minor in business law from the same university. She joined the Pronus team in 2021, having experience in investigation projects and regulation of the financial sector. In addition to this, Maria has worked in the financial modeling and structuring of companies and has gained skills in risk management for financial entities.

Federico Cortés, studied industrial engineering in Los Andes University. He joinded the Pronus team in 2021, having experience in valuation methods, financial derivates and financial data analysis. In addition, Federico has participated in enterprise valuation proyects.

Simón Gutiérrez is an economist from Universidad de los Andes. He joined Pronus in 2021 and has experience in research and financial data analysis. Additionally, he has worked in the modeling, structuring and financing of financial and real sector entities.

Juan Sebastián Rojas, has a Business Major at Universidad de los Andes. He joined Pronus in 2022 and has a background in crypto assets, company valuation, and capital markets

Nicolas Pérez is an economist and business manager from the Universidad de los Andes. He joined Pronus in 2022 and has expertise in business valuation, quantitative finance and asset management.

Juan José Torres Industrial Engineer from Universidad de Los Andes. Knowledge in derivative instruments, operations in the stock market and company valuation methods. Also, He had the opportunity to work as project manager in some projects within the food industry